Think all reports are weighty, formal and perhaps even a little yawn-worthy? Think again. At Words By Nuance we believe that even the humble annual report can be written in an interesting way that’s worth reading, and that’s exactly what we set out to do.

While some of our clients simply need a hand to wordsmith the finished product, others prefer us to source and write the actual content. In many cases, we’ve done this by arranging personal interviews with key people across a business – ensuring everyone’s perspectives are reflected (and their stories included).

As well as annual reports, we also write sustainability reports and shorter impact reports for a number of clients – always aiming to keep the finished product inviting and user-friendly. After all, there’s not much point writing a report if no one wants to read it.

Our report writing services include:

  • Developing report structure
  • Gathering content by phone or face-to-face interview
  • Writing for a diverse range of audiences
  • Adapting report content to microsites
  • Adhering to reporting frameworks such as GRI

Need a report written?