Brand strategy can be a bit of a grey area – what does one look like, and how do you know it’s working? There are lots of ways to tackle strategy, but at Nuance, we like to keep things on the simple and practical side – developing clear strategic communication plans that are easy for clients to understand and act on.

In our eyes, a good brand strategy is like a good architectural plan. It takes a fair bit of thinking, research and decision-making to create and develop, but it will ultimately give you a clear plan to follow, and a solid foundation on which to build.

At Nuance we’ve helped numerous brands define their strategies; from those who are just starting out, to those who have been in market for a while but are due for a re-fresh. In most cases, we find that workshops are the easiest way to develop a strategy, but ours are short, sharp and informal (no games about what car/animal/celebrity you’d be… sorry).

The brand strategies we create usually cover:

  • Overarching brand positioning
  • Mission, vision, values
  • Brand personality traits
  • Target markets (including segmentation)
  • Competitive landscape
  • Goals

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