Cabassi & Co

A premium brand of butcher

Where it all began
All butchers are not made equal. At least not when you factor in Cabassi & Co – an independent artisan butcher based in Indooroopilly Queensland. Specialising in the finest local meats (including world-class Wagyu), Cabassi & Co produce is a cut above the rest. And naturally, they wanted a top-notch brand to match.

The primary application would be at the Cabassi & Co flagship store in Indooroopilly shopping centre. Like any buzzing retail environment, this space was full of brands clamouring for the customer’s attention. We needed to make Cabassi & Co stand out for all the right reasons.

What happened next
Working together with The National Grid, we developed an arsenal of brand copy for Cabassi & Co, most of which was specifically designed for the retail environment. The first job was to communicate the story behind Cabassi & Co, and explain what it means to be an artisan butcher.

Then came the fun part – dreaming up a huge assortment of poster headlines that could be changed up daily in store, according to the day, the time of year, or the produce Cabassi & Co wanted to promote. Our wonderful client fortunately had quite a sense of humour, and gave us free rein to be quite cheeky with these! Brought to life by The National Grid, the finished brand identity was fresh, bold and a far cry from your standard butcher fare.

What we like about it
Let’s be honest – it was fantastic to have our words play such a central role to the brand identity, and to have a client who was prepared to make a real statement. Working with The National Grid is always a total pleasure too.

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