McGrath Foundation
“Curve Lurve”

Encouraging young women to care for their curves

Where it all began
Breast Cancer affects an estimated 15,000 Australians each year. But in spite of that sobering stat, it’s not something that young women have on their radars. The McGrath Foundation wanted to change this by promoting the idea of breast health to teenager girls and young women. The goal? To encourage women to embrace their curves, and make proactive breast self-checks a part of their routines.

What happened next
We were lucky enough to work with the talented crew at Republic of Everyone on this project. Together, we came up with the ‘Curve Lurve’ campaign. While this was essentially an education and awareness campaign, we didn’t want it to feel that way. So, we teamed bright, playful retro visuals with a very warm, modern, slightly cheeky tone of voice. The idea was to be less scary doctor and more caring BFF. Along with the campaign name and identity, we developed a suite of posters, promo materials, workshop templates and high school education tools – all accessible from a central website.

What we like about it
It’s so nice when a client knows their audience. The team at McGrath Foundation understood that preaching and scare tactics wouldn’t be the best way to get through to young women. As a result, we had license to create a campaign that felt inspiring, engaging and most of all, real.


Campaign Development, Naming, Print & Digital Copywriting, Educational Materials