Outdoor Media Association

Explaining how outdoor media gives back

Where it all began
Billboards, bus shelters, taxi-backs. They’re just there to sell us stuff, and clutter up the world with their shouty sales pitches, right?

Actually, wrong. Unbeknownst to most people, outdoor media helps fund a whole lot of great stuff for the community, including charity campaigns and infrastructure like bus shelters, seats and toilets. So chances are, without that ad on your fave park bench, you wouldn’t have a bench to sit on.

Outdoor Media Australia wanted to tell people about the good stuff outdoor advertising pays for (in a non bragging way of course). And what better way to do it than through… outdoor advertising?

What happened next
We teamed up with the clever folk at Born & Raised to come up with a range of campaign ideas – eventually narrowing it down to the one pictured. We figured that our biggest challenge was to get people to pay attention to these outdoor media spaces rather than tuning them out. By using a friendly lil face and some cute language, we humanised the spaces and got our message across nice & clearly.

What we like about it
While not a ground-breaking idea, we love this campaign for its fun tone and its flexibility. The headline & face combo allowed us to tick all the boxes we needed to tick – communicating a heap of different messages in a wide range of formats. It also allowed us to do some site-specific executions to make the most of the spaces we had available. OMA was so satisfied with the end result they’ve already added a second burst to the campaign. Happy days!


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