A tale of two audiences

Where it all began
As Australia’s music copyright organisation, APRA AMCOS is responsible for making sure Aussie songwriters get paid their dues. This means collecting licensing fees from the businesses that play music – from cafes, pubs and clubs to gyms, shops and office buildings – and giving it back to artists as royalties.

As the conduit between music makers and music consumers, APRA AMCOS has to strike a delicate balance. On one hand, they need to make artists feel supported and creatively understood. On the other hand, they have to communicate with licensees in clear business terms (without coming across like ‘copyright cops’!). We were engaged to work on solving this issue as part of the APRA AMCOS rebrand.

What happened next
Together with APRA AMCOS’ awesome internal comms team, and agency Born & Raised, we held a Tone of Voice Workshop to determine how to pitch ourselves to our two key audiences. From here, we developed a dual Tone of Voice Guideline, and a series of copy samples to show how the voice(s) sounded in action.

We also developed a new tagline for APRA AMCOS ‘Made by Music’ that worked as the foundation for a series of brand messages. On top of this, we worked with the team to refine content plans and copy templates for a suite of eDMS.

What we like about it
We are total music fiends so it was awesome to spend time alongside like-minded souls – and to learn about the ins and outs of the Aussie music industry. The finished brand is also pleasing because it recognises the needs of creative types and business brains, without compromising on either front. Love the gorgeous design work of Born & Raised too!


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