Thomson Reuters

Launching a new suite of legal solutions

Where it all began
We’d heard of Reuters, but (to be honest) we had no idea they provided legal solutions. And oh boy, they do. A long-established information provider, Thomson Reuters has expanded to encompass a range of different legal solutions – from precedent tools to administrative software. Now, they have the most comprehensive offering on the block.

The issue we had to solve was how to communicate the combined strength of this offering. There was plenty of awareness of Thomson Reuters, and of most of the products they provide. But this hadn’t been pulled together under one umbrella, or positioned as strongly as it could be.

What happened next
Our friends at Born & Raised spearheaded this project, which began with a fairly intensive strategic process. With the help of planner Brent Heatley, who conducted loads of research, we decided to resolve the fragmentation issue by creating a new brand – a platform Thomson Reuters could own, under which all its products could sit as a suite.

The name we gave this new brand was ‘Best Practice’. Not only did this link to the legal practices we were targeting, it conveyed the idea that Thomson Reuters were setting the gold standard in legal solutions. It was a clear leadership position we felt they had the cred to own.

Next came the fine detail – taking the big idea of Best Practice and using it as the basis for an entire stable of communications materials. We wanted to include real stories so we corralled together a fantastic bunch of lawyers and practice managers to dish the dirt. These people became the faces and voices of our campaign, from the website to press ads and brochures.

What we like about it
On the surface, this job could have seemed a little dry. But once we got stuck in, it proved quite fascinating. Our fave part was probably picking the brains of our interview subjects, each of whom had a colourful tale to tell (from liquor store heists to international drug rings). The collaborative process with Born & Raised was also both fruitful and enjoyable.

Professional Services

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