Still relatively new, social media has opened up a new world in which brands can connect with customers in an immediate and authentic way. The trick to making it actually work? Having a clear social media strategy behind every post you make.

At Words By Nuance we’ve developed our approach to social media strategy, enabling brands to define who they want to be on social media – and what they want to get out of their activities. After all, why bother showing up if you don’t have a reason?

Our social media toolkit helps brands to:

  • Choose the right social media platform
  • Identify and assess your competitors
  • Clarify your desired brand look, feel and tone
  • Develop a range of sample posts
  • Define a schedule for your activities
  • Learn best practice ‘rules of thumb’

We’re also able to develop copy for your ongoing posts, and ensure your social media strategy fits into the context of your other communications.

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